The kids are back in school, and sometimes they bring home more than just homework.  As a mom, the health of my kiddos can make or break our day!   Keeping kids healthy is a priority - and I want to do it naturally.   When the kids are healthy everyone in the house sleeps better, school isn't missed, and business goes on as usual.  As mamas, we know  our kids will be exposed to stuff as they go about their day.   I think of my kids health like a piggy bank.  I want to be putting in more "healthy deposits" than "exposure withdrawals" to keep a healthy balance.  In this video I share tips and tricks for keeping kids healthy using Young Living essential oils and supplements to put more good stuff into their health piggy bank!  Rockstar supplement alert:  Super C Chewables!  Super C's have totally boosted our immune system routine to new levels of success.  I split one between my two young kids every day.   

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